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                                                   Rainwater Harvesting                                                  

We're all going to be hit with water charges so think ahead and use what falls out of the sky wisely and harvested what we have a lot of it makes sence for our Environment and pocket 

Free;  site visit we can advise and provide you with a detailed quote on fitting underground tank and pluming your house  

  • Run with mains with free water from your roof
  • Be self-efficient with your own water source
  • The rainwater can be used for washing machine, dishwasher, bath, sinks, showers, WC's, to wash your car, to water your garden and supply water to livestockk
  • Pump system and filter make the rainwater drinkable 









Commercial use for high volume of water example car wash


COMPACT FOOT PRINT : The FREYLIT system is very compact in size and measures only : L 1460mm x W 780mm x H 1520mm

HIGHEST SYSTEM EFFICIENCY: The FREYLIT system offers TOTAL RECLAIM with a recycling rate of over 95%. The loss of fresh water is minimized and consequently the amount of overflow waste water to public sewers is also reduced to less than 5%. The FREYLIT system offers a near CLOSED LOOP SYSTEM, where only water lost to evaporation, vehicle carry out and silt removal needs to be replenished.

BEST TREATED WATER QUALITY : Certified results according to or exceeding the required international specifications of customers worldwide.

CHEMICAL-FREE SYSTEM : The FREYLIT recycling system does not use any chemicals in any of the treatment process, nor does it require any filter cartridges or similar replaceable parts.

EQUIPMENT PERFORMANCE : The FREYLIT system proposed supplies 100 litres/minute = 6


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